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Research & Innovation

Kayfoam helps its customers to achieve unique positions in their marketplace, by supplying cutting edge innovations with new benefits for consumers of bedding products.

Our key offerings include a range of temperature regulating sleep technologies that harness Gel, Ceramic and other Thermal Conducting additives in foams, to enhance the thermal regulating properties of the finished sleep products. We produce a range of temperature regulating sleep technologies to meet the need for different consumer experiences and different manufacturing scenarios. Crucially, Kayfoam Gels and Foams are tested and validated by independent laboratory testing. Certifications are available to partners.

Temperature Regulating Sleep Technology

Kayfoam produces a range of Gel Infused visco elastic foams and Gel polymers that provide superior thermal conductivity and temperature regulation. Available in block, converted, sub-assembled and finished consumer product formats. Consumer products include mattresses, toppers, pillows and other cushioning support surfaces.

The core range includes:
• Gel infused memory foam
• Phase change Gel infused memory foam
• Phase change Gel infused memory foam with Ceramic Technology
• Surface infused phase change Gel memory foam in diverse colours
• K3Gel polymer. A 3D Gel grid with advanced pressure relieving properties

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MySleepScan. My Mattress. My Size

The MySleepScan programme is Kayfoam’s patented mattress matching programme. The Scan technology creates a 3D body profile to generate data on the consumer body shape, size and spinal posture. Using this data, our system applies an algorithm that identifies the perfect mattress properties to meet the consumer needs.

The MySleepScan programme was introduced to China in 2014 and is now deployed in hundreds of stores. The programme helped differentiate one of China’s leading retail bedding operations. The programme was responsible for an uplift in consumer traffic, conversions and an increased sales turnover.

The programme was devised by Dr Duncan Bain, a pre-eminent UK based bio-mechanical engineer, who has extensive history with the UK NHS, National Health Service, in the development of medical mattress protocols.

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MySleep. My Pillow. My Size.

The MySleep pillow programme empowers consumers to select a perfect fitting pillow. My Pillow. My Size.

The system was developed by a leading UK Osteopath based on decades of clinical research and development.

The MySleep pillow programme measures the salient head and neck characteristics of the consumer and uses these measurements to match the consumer to the perfect sized pillow. Pillows are available in a range of heights, from size 1 (lowest) to size 5 (highest). The system works with any pillow type.

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MyTronic™. Mattress Evaluation Tool

MyTronic™ is a measurement devise that captures the 3 critical characteristics of any mattress – hardness, elasticity and conformity.

The MyTronic™ tool is patented and was researched and developed by Kayfoam to meet the market gap for a reliable mattress measurement device.

– Accurately measures hardness, elasticity and conformity of mattresses
– Enables mattress manufacturers to develop logical range archictectures
– Allows mattress manufacturers to measure consumer product trends

The MyTronic™ device is available to mattress manufacturers and retailers globally.

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