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The next big step

to a perfect sleep is available today!

Innovative materials exclusive to Kayfoam, supplied to you in any format you need:

Temperature Regulating Sleep Technology

Block Foam

Kayfoam can supply large format block foam in industry standard sizes. Block foam is also supplied in standard mattress sizes to optimise production efficiency.

Converted Foam

Kayfoam can convert, fabricate and profile foams to your needs. With our modern machinery, we offer low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround.

Sub-Assembled Foam

Kayfoam can fabricate mattress constructions featuring our diverse product and profiling capabilities to customer specific requirements.

Consumer Products

Kayfoam can fabricate and supply a wide range of ready made end user products, including mattresses, pillows, toppers and vaccum rolled bedding.

The Kayfoam Range

Kayfoam offers a range of Gel Infused visco elastic foams and Gel polymers that provide superior thermal conductivity and comfortable body temperature regulation. We also offer globally acclaimed, high density open-cell memory foams and a diverse range of PU support foams.

Who we are

Kayfoam helps mattress manufacturers and retailers to achieve unique positions in their marketplace, by supplying cutting edge innovations with new benefits for consumers of bedding products.

Our core offerings include a range of temperature regulating sleep technologies that harness Gel, Ceramic and other Thermal Conducting additives in foams, to enhance the thermal regulating properties of the finished sleep products. Our sleep diagnostic programmes, enables retailers to stand out from the crowd, by offering in-store measurement and recommendation experiences backed by proven science.

With over 100 years of innovative history in the production of foams and mattresses, and with our more recent developments in the field of sleep diagnostics, Kayfoam can provide your business with differentiated products and the know how to grow.

Our Products around the world

Kayfoam is available everywhere around the world through our partners:

Manwah, China
Suibao, China
A.H. Beard, Australia
Denver Mattress Company, USA

Bensons for Beds, UK
John Lewis, UK
Loima, Italy

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