Visco Foams

Kayfoam Visco Elastic is a pressure relieving, heat sensitive material available in a range of densities, used by leading consumer and medical bedding manufacturers.
Key features & benefits:

• Advanced formula Kayfoam Visco Elastic is widely regarded as one of the world's finest Visco Elastic's, with scientifically proven pressure relieving properties                    
• Manufactured in a range of density levels to support different price marketplace positions - 40m3, 65m3 and 85m3        
• Award winning constructions, particularly for enhanced breathability properties, including one FIRA award
• Open cell design, with proven airflow benefits, for enhanced breathability and cooling
• Available in FR and non-FR formats
• CertiPur by EuroPur - Free from harmful chemicals
Visco Foams

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Grade Colour Density (kg/m) Hardness
BS 4443 (N)
BS 3667 (kgf)
BS 3379
Tensile BS 4443
(min kPa)
Dry Comp.Set
BS 4443 (Max %)
Wet Comp.Set
BS 4443
V40S Yellow 38-42 50-60 12-15 S 60 4 4
V65T Yellow 64-69 65-85 12-15 V 60 4 4
V60P Yellow 56-63 55-70 9-13 V 60 4 4
V60F Pink 115-140 18-21 V 65 4 4
V85S Yellow 65-70 50-80 8-12 V 60 4 4

Temperature Regulating
Sleep Technology

Innovative materials exclusive to Kayfoam,
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Block Foam

Kayfoam can supply large format block foam in industry standard 90” * 80” size. Block foam is also supplied in standard mattress sizes to optimise production efficiency.

Converted Foam

Kayfoam can convert, fabricate and profile foams to your needs. With our modern machinery, we offer low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround.

Sub-Assembled Foam

Kayfoam can fabricate mattress constructions featuring our diverse product and profiling capabilities to customer specific requirements.

Consumer Products

Kayfoam can fabricate and supply a wide range of ready made end user products, including mattresses, pillows, toppers and vaccum rolled bedding.