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Key features & benefits:

  • An innovative and patented Gel polymer material that provides enhanced airflow breathability and pressure relief
  • Manufactured and supplied in pads sized 600mm by 300mm for easy application to comfort products
  • Proven to provide superior pressure relieving performance to standard memory foam – ideal for luxury consumer or medical device products
  • Thousands of hollow cubes allow an air mass to form which enhances body temperature regulation
  • Manufactured with natural mineral oils – safe and odour free
  • Backed by a comprehensive consumer marketing programme
  • CertiPur – free from harmful compounds and chemicals

Temperature Regulating Sleep Technology

Innovative materials exclusive to Kayfoam,
supplied to you in any format you need:

Block Foam

Kayfoam can supply large format block foam in industry standard sizes. Block foam is also supplied in standard mattress sizes to optimise production efficiency.

Converted Foam

Kayfoam can convert, fabricate and profile foams to your needs. With our modern machinery, we offer low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround.

Sub-Assembled Foam

Kayfoam can fabricate mattress constructions featuring our diverse product and profiling capabilities to customer specific requirements.

Consumer Products

Kayfoam can fabricate and supply a wide range of ready made end user products, including mattresses, pillows, toppers and vaccum rolled bedding.

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