About Us

See our exciting new range of gel foam, roll mattress innovations and consumer recommendation technologies at Interzum.

Innovators of better sleep.

Kayfoam is a small, agile and passionate innovator of materials that improve the way we sleep.

Our guiding principles are innovation,  quality, customer service and corporate responsibility.  We consider our small size to be an advantage, we are friendly, open and collaborative in how we work with our business partners. These principles and our friendly philosophy drive how we do business every day.

Our team based in Dublin, Ireland has decades of industry experience. We focus on your needs by working with you to understand your market position and capabilities. Our innovative components and Sleep Diagnostic programmes can be tailor made to deliver differentiation and uniqueness to your business.

Our offerings include:
• Visco elastic memory foams in a range of densities
• Gel infused memory foams with temperature regulation properties
• Sleep Diagnostic systems
      • MySleepScan. My mattress. My size.
      • MySleep. My pillow. My size.
      • MyTronic. Mattress measurement device
• Clinical and scientific studies to enable evidence based claims
• Marketing programmes to support our key innovations
• Licensing, exclusivity and standard trading agreements

We listen first and then respond. To learn more about how our business can support yours, contact us today.


Kayfoam is unique from most other Gel, Foam and Sleep Diagnostic suppliers, in that we have our own mattress and bedding manufacturing operations. We have a leading market share in the Irish market and a significant position in the UK bedding market.

Our bedding division provides a seeding ground of innovation and market testing which we apply to our product and marketing programmes.  Kayfoam has the operational capacity to grow its business, we are actively seeking like minded partners in the mattress manufacturing and mattress retailing sectors globally. We hope we can invite you to Ireland to see us, sometime soon.

In the news

Kayfoam has long attracted the attention of the press, because of a commitment to the new and scientifically proven innovations. Kayfoam has recently featured in the news in.

We are flexibile, friendly and customer orientated!

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Our Team

David Moffitt


David works with our global IP partners to develop a continually evolving pipeline of new materials and services. David works directly with some of our global partners to drive and support their business.

Eoin O’Mahony

Head of Operations

Eoin oversees the operations of our Dublin manufacturing facilities and is in close contact with customers through the order, manufacure and delivery cycles.

Conor Stapleton

Head of Marketing

Conor provides marketing and branding support to our customers. He plays a role in induction, training and marketing of our innovative component and sleep diagnostic programmes.